Specialised Natural Herbal Fertility Programs for Men and Women.

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

How It Works For You.

Our programs are a minimum of 90 days and consist of:


  • Tailor made Chinese Herbal Prescriptions
  • Advice on fertility Supplements.
  • Dietary advice low in carbohydrates and refined sugar diet
  • Advice on exercises such as yoga or walking etc
  • Advice on moderate sexual contact
  • Free BBT chart download
  • Free 15 minute telephone consultation generally used towards the end
  • of your program to discuss ongoing options.
  • Continual BBT monitoring   (temperature monitoring)
  • Ongoing support though program
  • 100% safe herbal prescriptions, no added chemicals.

Female Fertility.

All we need to do is determine your Fertility Profile and then follow the fertility plan specifically for you. Herbal Fertility Doctor has identified three female Fertility Profiles Women with regular cycles (28-31 days, menses 3-5 days, no clotting or excessive blood flow)  who have been trying to conceive for at least 6 months Women with irregular cycles or who have allergies or sleep disturbances and have been trying to conceive for at least 6 months. Women who have also  miscarried or have tried IVF/ART or having been trying to conceive for over 18 months or are over 39

Male Fertility.

We understand that not being able to conceive a child can be frustrating and stressful . At Herbal Fertility Doctor we offer a number of male infertility herbal treatments. Conditions that we have successfully worked with previously include; Low sperm count Low morphology Poor motility Irregularities with semen quality Performance anxiety./ issues such as low libido, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and stress. Male fertility also begins to decline with age – similar to women, at around 35 years of age. Lifestyle factors such as poor diet, fitness levels, smoking and drinking have an accumulative effect. A 36 year old man drinking alcohol every day will suffer the negative effects of alcohol much more than his 20 year old counterpart.

Using Centuries of Chinese Herbal Knowledge for Modern Times

"At Herbal Fertility Doctor we are dedicated to your well-being: physical, mental, and emotional. Our skilled physicians are trained in a variety of modalities designed to attend to your every healthcare need.

Our treatment modalities include Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Moxibustion, Food Therapy."
Gerry Ward
Herbal Ferility 100% irished owned

Online fertility programs for men and women. We are here to help.

We are here to help you achive your dream.

Is ThisYour story ?

  You have heard it all by now “ Relax”, say well-meaning friends. “Chill out. Let it happen” Wow thanks for the useless information you say to yourself, gritting your teeth.  “What can I do? “Every where I look I see pregnant women from friends and family to work colleagues”. 

  At Herbal Fertility Doctor, we understand as much as you do ,how stressful it is and how stress play an important part in conceiving. We’ve been specializing in Fertility Treatment for over 20 years at Herbal Fertility Doctor. We’ve helped hundreds of couples have a baby and we’d like to help you too, no matter where you are located, through our easy to use online fertility program. 

  Our unique combination of knowledge in Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine and Western Medicine helps to specifically diagnosis our clients so  we can tailor make a herbal prescription to suit you.

  All we need to do is determine your fertility profile and then follow the treatment program it defines. If you need more help we are here for a personal consultation! Looking Forward to meeting you soon.  Gerald M Ward- Herbal Fertility Doctor

  • 100% irished owned company
  • Over 25 years experience 
  • Tried and tested knowledge
  • Drugs and chemicals herbal prescription
  • No harmfull side effects
  • Stress free
  • Online one to one consultations
  • Added bonus of enhanced health
  • Free diagnosis health check

  Herbal Fertility Doctor  is a unique web site specialising in reproductive health. We use a holistic approach to optimum health without the stress of leaving your home and search for a reliable doctor in this field.

 A health system that uses thousands of years of knowledge for maxium results saving you wasted time and money.

     100% irished owned company…

Specialised Natural Herbal Fertility Programs for Men and Women.